Discover your next video opportunities with the predictive power of search.

TopicTree continuously tracks and analyses view and search behaviour data. It is a tech solution that allows you to be the front runner within your domain. By utilising the predictive power of the world's biggest search engines, we know what your audience wants to see - now, tomorrow and next month.

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For those who love to create

Born from the need to know for certain, TopicTree identifies your audience’s needs and translates these into potential video topics that drive results.

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Know what your audience wants to see

TopicTree unites endless data touch points on your target group’s behaviour from Google, YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, Pinterest and Bing. It highlights key content opportunities that are essential for you to succeed in video.

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Get a list of your most potential video topics

Unify, optimise and activate your content strategy with a continuous flow of result-driven video ideas that keep your audience coming back for more.

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Receive in-depth video advice

Expect clear consultancy on both title, duration and platform. Always know what questions to answer, which specific video specs to use and how to distribute to get maximum results.

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Discover real-time trends within your domain

This proprietary tech helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and never miss a beat when it comes to your content niche.

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We have over five years of experience with data-driven content creation.

We’ve been in the video marketing field for quite some time - we know what works and what doesn’t. Our broad experience with data, research and experiments enables us to put your consumer first, thereby focussing on what truly engages your audience.

TopicTree unites every single data touchpoint about your consumer in one place. It helps you to know your audience, track trends in your domain and create new content ideas unlike any other platform in the market. The result? A clear-cut advice on how to become the next front runner within your video domain.

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